Location: Paris

Nationality: Italian

Age: 27

Role Playing Ages: 15-35

Height: 1.67 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hair: Coffee Brown

Eyes: Coffee Brown

Build: Slim

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian


Accents: Italian (native), American English (general), British English (general), French (general), German (general)

Vocal: Mezzo-soprano

Dance: Tap, Jazz, Modern

Special Interests: Cinema, Theatre, Music, Writing, Photography


Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London, UK): Musical Theatre

Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, UK): Theatre Acting

Bishopsgate Institute (London, UK): Acting and Drama / Singing Solo

Studio Venus (London, UK): Catwalk Modelling

Milan Theatre School Paolo Grassi (Milan, Italy): Acting for the Camera


“DIA Global” promo video (voice-over) – Mondele Prod                                                      @Paris, France

“The Mysteries of the Desert” play (lead) – Silvio Pistone / Au Petit Théâtre du Bonheur   @Paris, France

“The 39 Steps” musical (supporting) – Steve Correvon / Union Theatre                        @London, UK

“My Fairy Lady” musical (supporting) – Gary Bruwer / Southwark Playhouse                  @London, UK

“West Side Story” musical (lead) – Marc Havet / Brockley Jack Theatre                         @London, UK

“Bonnie and Clyde” play (lead) –  Gage Oxley / Brockley Jack Theatre                          @London, UK

“Lili Marlene” cabaret (supporting) – Victoria Carrington / The Phoenix Artist Club   @London, UK

“Screen Legends” cabaret (supporting) – Merlin Entertainment Group                    @London, UK

“Philomena” film (extra) – Stephen Frears / Pathé                                                              @Oxford, UK

“Perfect Day” (supporting) – Jerry Ehrlich                                                                          @London, UK

“Sandra” (lead) – Christopher Williams                                                                             @London, UK

“The Big E” viral ad (lead) – Matthias Fuchez / Empire Cinemas                                   @London, UK

“The Devil Inside” viral ad (lead) – Anna Kasperkiewicz / Empire Cinemas               @London, UK

“Baby Call” viral ad (lead) – Anna Kasperkiewicz / Empire Cinemas                            @London, UK

“The Pirates” viral ad (supporting) – Alan Pressland / Empire Cinemas                     @London, UK

“Charles of London” catwalk show – Yvonne Simon                                                      @London, UK

“Near Death Experience” film (supporting) – Mirko Aretini / Induif Film                @Locarno, Switzerland

“Waiting for Godot” play (supporting) – Michele Cosentini / Teatro Romano di Milano @Milan, Italy

“Around the World in Eight Days” play (supporting) – Luigi Argentini / Teatro Parenti @Milan, Italy

“Dj Festival” tv show (actor) – Astritis Kazaferis / ANT1                                                   @Athens, Greece

Fashion/Catalogue/Commercial/Glamour/Catwalk/Promotional Modelling:

Photo Shoot by LaDanaide Epoch Photography                                                                    @Paris, France

Photo Shoot by Sébastien Dardare                                                                                         @Paris, France

Photo Shoot(2) by Jean-Francois Chassaing                                                                           @Paris, France

Photo Shoot by Jean-Francois Chassaing                                                                                 @Paris, France

Photo Shoot by Thierry & Sylvie Krinbarg                                                                              @Paris, France

Photo Shoot by Steeve Josch                                                                                                    @Paris, France

Photo Shoot by Charles of London                                                                                      @London, UK

Photo Shoot by Fusion Management

@London, UK

Photo Shoot by Kash R-Photography – Model Ink.UK                                                      @London, UK

Photo Shoot by Marc Wainwright – Bishopsgate Institute                                             @London, UK


Photography, writing, skiing , swimming, horse riding, tennis, ice skating, roller blading, voice over