Lorna May

“She’s beautiful…young, yet ancient…child, yet already a woman…authentic, complete. It’s obvious that she could be his salvation” – Guido, 8 ½ (Federico Fellini)

If Natalie Wood and Marcello Mastroianni met in international waters and had a love child, that would be Lorna May.

Actress, cinephile, jazz enthusiast and Sunday writer.

Brought up in front of the big screen, Lorna doesn’t just star in films, she becomes them. From the black-and-white beauty of Casablanca to the absurd dreamscape of Mulholland Drive, she’s always preferred to be in another’s world than her own.

For Lorna, reality only makes sense when she puts on the mask of something beyond it. Her eyes are lenses that never stop rolling, devoting all she sees to mental celluloid to enrich her work.

Dead-set to see the world, this Italian actress has also lived in Switzerland, London, Paris and occasionally, in Woody Allen’s dreams (or at least she likes to think so). She lives off culture, and feeds her work with the experience of new ones.

Curious, courageous and eccentric, she treats life as a movie in front of and behind the camera. Miss May doesn’t exist until she’s someone else. She’s an all-round performer who takes on any character as if it were her own. Because, after all, performance is all she knows.

If I had the money, I’d hire two detectives to follow each other and then, maybe, I would understand something about Lorna May.


Alexander Alexson Penn